• Ilimanu Marble

    situated approximately 36km from Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste.

Ilimanu Marble

The Ilimanu marble extends from the Northwest to Southeast part of the Ilimanu area. Layers of marble developed along the ridges and occupying hilly terrain. Marble unit rises up to 100m high and in contact with igneous intrusion of gabbroic in the Eastern part of Ilimanu area. Recent discovery shows that Ilimanu marble further extends along the Southwest part of the Ilimanu area.

The Ilimanu marble composed of white crystalline lime, found to be intercalated with amphibole and schist. In high topography, the Ilimanu marble is found to be associated with green mineral (epidotite). Overall, the chemistry, crystal structure, and physical properties of the Ilimanu marble were tested with promising results.

Government’s infrastructure development along the North coast of Timor-Leste provides ease of access to road and electricity which further supports investment in developing the Ilimanu marble.